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By Jennifer Bailey

Normally, men keep a pretty low profile when it comes to plumage. That is not the case when it comes to equipping their bikes, cars, SUV or truck. They seldom question the price, but most definitely question the appearance. Nothing enhances the look of a vehicle more than the wheels.

The types of wheel rims commonly found today are of pressed steel, wire-spoke wheels and light-alloy casting wheels. The pressed steel wheels are light, strong, stiff and resistant to damage. They require negligible maintenance and the only disadvantage is that they are slightly heavier than alloy wheels. Rubber tires fit over the rim to form what is called the wheel.

The earliest type of rim was of the wire-spoke variety. They were light, yet strong. They were designed to withstand the weight of a car and the forces of acceleration, braking and turning. The spokes were made of steel and were stronger in tension than in compression.

The third variant is what is known as light-alloy casting wheels. These are designed to impress. Alloys have the advantage of being lighter than the other types of rims. Alloy rims are the best option for driving in the mountains or city areas where traffic congestion is common. Some alloy wheels are designed to encourage cool airflow over the brakes to prevent overheating. The alloy helps dissipate heat. Some experts believe that alloy wheels focus on looks while compromising on quality.

Rims are an integral part of all automobiles. Choosing the right rim is crucial, as it affects a carís performance and ease of maneuverability. Rims come in a wide array of designs. Larger rims improve performance and add a sporty look to an automobile. The rule of thumb is that the larger the diameter, the easier it is on the steering.

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