Give Your Car A Brand New Look With New Tires Or Wheels
By Gregg Hall

If you are looking to change the appearance of your car, there is nothing simpler than getting a new set of tires. Just by switching over to some new wheels or tires, you will be, of course, giving your car the equivalent of a facelift, and at the same time improving its handling and a more secure ride. Your vehicle will get a rejuvenated look and hug those corners tight!

When you are going to pick out your new rims and tires, you will first have to answer some simple questions. Do you want to upgrade to a new set of wheels that has the same diameter and width of your old tires? Or, do you want to get something bigger? If you opt for wider wheels, your car will have that much more contact with the ground surface, which will give you a better rate of acceleration and a tighter grip during turns, as well as giving you more stopping power.

If you go with taller rims, you will draw more attention to your wheels. This gives your ride a striking, powerful feel that demands looks from those you drive by. Don't worry, necessarily, about fitting taller tires onto your car. There are specially designed low-profile tires that maintain the same tire diameter as the tires that came with your car. Getting taller rims with low-profile tires is called plus-sizing your car. The benefits of this are that, instead of recalibrating your speedometer as you would if you changed your wheel diameter, your car will be ready to drive immediately after your new tires are installed. Recalibration can be a serious pain in the neck, take my word on it.

If you are looking for the most awe-inspiring wheels, you should go with both taller rims, and taller wheels. This works well, for instance, on raised trucks that are going to be used for off-roading. Keep your truck's belly high and appearance looking mean with big, tough looking tires!

After you decide on what size wheel and tire you are going to install, you will have to choose a style. Since there are so many different types of wheels, this can be a difficult stage. Are you looking for a glossy, shiny wheel, like chrome or polished aluminum ones? Or something a little bit more low-key, like brushed billet? Take your time, and pick what goes well with your ride.

After you've selected your rims, you have to pick which tires you want to put on them. Tires come in basic, black walled designs, or with white letters, or with a white stripe, or even with a colored stripe, if you are looking for something a bit bolder. You can even get a tire with colored treads, should you so desire. So start thinking, and remember if you want it, you most likely can get it.

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