How To Clean Your Custom Wheels So They Will Last As Long As Possible
By Gregg Hall

Many people that want certain rims and tires will go to any cost to get them and that cost can be a lot. Some people will spend up to $2000 a rim and that is crazy. Then you still have to buy the tires but I would think since you are spending $8000 they would give you a free pair of tires. So if you are looking for rims I would say look for something cheaper.

If you have already cleaned your car then that means that your tires and rims should be looking really nice and shiny. If not then you need to work on that because your tires and rims should be cleaned at least once a week to keep them in good shape and looking good unless you want your rims to look all dirty and muddy I would recommend cleaning them.

Wash, clean, polish, and protect and that is what needs to be done to the whole car not just the rims that cost 8 grand. You will want to wash the whole car really good and then get started on washing the rims and tires then you will clean them then you will polish and after that you will protect them with whatever protecting agent that you have.

You should clean your rims and tires at least once a week so your tires and rims are always looking nice and clean for the road.

You should always wash the body of the car first and do all of that is needed. After you have washed your car and cleaned and all that you will want to start washing and cleaning your rims. You will want to do this one rim and tire at a time so you get them really clean and looking nice.

Most people will go around the car and spray all the tires and rims saying that letting it sit there is helping. Actually it is not helping and the pros say that you shouldn't do this because it lets the spray or foam sit there to long. They say that you should only do one rim and tire at a time so that they will look their best when you are done washing and cleaning. You want your car to shine and look nice so I would take any advice that I could get. That would be listening to any person that knew what they were talking about when they said to only clean one rim and tire at a time.

So if you had any questions that probably just covered them all so just remember to wash one rim and tire at a time and your car will look its best.

Gregg Hall is an author living with his 18 year old son in Jensen Beach, Florida. Find more about custom wheels as well as car care products at

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